The Work


The Conscious Leaders Quest
April 19-25, 2024
Join us in Costa Rica!

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"We need to shift perspective and be leaders that are more conscious, more spacious, and more intentional.  It starts with ourselves and then allows us to hold that space for those around us to grow."

Organizational Clarity Co-Creation

The creation of a framework in which everyone in the company is aligned reduces friction, creates empowerment, reduces waste & rework, reduces turnover, and attracts talent. People feel a part of what they help to create and are attracted to organizations that understand their WHY and have clearly defined ways they show up for each other. Do you have a framework for organizational clarity? It consists of a purpose, mission, vision, values & behaviors. You either define it and weave it through the organization or like a river, it creates its own path.

The Work

The process starts with a discussion about outcomes and alignment around purpose.  From there, we either invite the entire team to be part of the process or a group of key stakeholders.

  • Organizational Clarity Collaboration
    • Free 90 Clarity Discussion
    • 2 - Hour leadership team Clarity assessment
    • 4 to 8-hour Organizational Clarity Co-Creation engagement
    • 2 to 4-hour Values & Behaviors Refresh
    • Custom Option
  • Measure Organizational Health
    • Culture Snapshot
    • Annual Culture Assessment & Debrief Program

Awakening Conscious Leadership

Many leaders have no idea how to leverage their stress as an asset.  They don't know how to unlock their own inner resources and transform their stress into an energy source to meet their greatest challenges.  Those leaders that do understand this and are willing to invest in how they show up in the world will ultimately create space for those around them to step into and thrive.

My journey connected me with Dr. Danny Friedland, MD.  Danny was a teacher to me through Conscious Capitalism then our paths crossed again within the Xchange Community.  It was there that he became a mentor and I was fortunate enough to work directly with him until his passing in September of 2021.  Dr. Danny was a brilliant light that catalyzed so many in High-Performance Conscious Leadership & Resiliency.  Today along with many other talented Xchange Guides we carry on Danny’s work of Leading Well from Within.

“Live A Loving Life” - Dr. Daniel Friedland, MD

The Work

Based on the neuroscience that tells us we are all hardwired to be “reactive” as leaders but if we understand how our brain works and create the practices that rewire our brains to pause, notice, and make better choices we can spiral ourselves and those around us up into “creativity”.

  • Private Client work (groups of 7 to 20)
    • 2-hour introductory workshop
    • 3-day immersive experience
    • Customized Option
  • The Conscious Leaders Quest - Nosara Retreat
    • April 17 to 22nd in Nosara, Costa Rica
    • Immersive Awakening Conscious Leadership Work
    • Limited to 12 attendees + staff of 4
  • Public Offerings through Xchange
    • 3-day ACLE - Awakening Conscious Leadership Experience - Virtual
    • 2-hour Awakening Conscious Leadership Workshop - Virtual

Interactive & Experiential Event Design and Facilitation

Let's be honest, most company meetings and offsite events leave us without the outcomes we desire. Why? - because they are more passive than active, it's often about an expensive keynote speaker that has all the knowledge, and they lack real connection. There is a science, art, and flow to designing any interaction that delivers real outcomes both at a macro (external) and micro (internal) level.

The Work

Based on the Xchange Approach framework for unlocking collective wisdom, Intrepic Journey has the depth and resources to design or design & facilitate a gathering of any size in a way that will be impactful and deliver real outcomes. Based on Appreciative Inquiry, Design Thinking, 

  • 60-minute Strategic Consult - complimentary
  • Custom Workshops
  • Community Building
  • Creation of a peer-to-peer learning group or mastermind
  • Online Conferences, Summits, or Retreats
  • In-Person Conferences, Summits, or Retreats