Organizational Clarity Framework


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April 19-25, 2024
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"An essential supporting structure of a stakeholder organization"


A statement of the difference you want to make in the world.  The wrong you want to right in the world!  This is a galvanizing statement that is much bigger than what you do.  It’s your true north and stays consistent through time.

We exist to catalyze peace & love in business by being better leaders tomorrow


The key strategy on how you differentiate through the way you fulfill your purpose every day. Your mission can and most likely will change as your business grows and evolves.

Creating space for growth by acknowledging & leaning into the inseparable relationship between our inner and outer leadership journeys.

Guiding & connecting heart-centered leaders and/or organizations through conversations that unlock & empower collective wisdom through: clarity, conscious leadership, and facilitation.



This is what your purpose looks like fulfilled in the future.  It’s a vivid, imaginative view of how the world will look once your purpose is realized.

Future generations live authentic lives of service to each other and the planet

Core Values

Core values are 3 to 4 unique values that your organization owns, lives and are or can be fully integrated into the culture.  These are inherent and sacrosanct (too important or valuable to be messed with); they can never be compromised. They are the unwavering principles that help you fulfill your purpose.

Straight-talk with heart

Everything with love

I am the problem and the solution



What you do speaks so loudly that people will not hear what you are saying.  This is how everyone in your organization lives on a daily basis to bring the values to life and help you fulfill your purpose.

You will likely have 2 to 3 behaviors that roll up to each value.

Straight-Talk with Heart

  • Say what needs to be said
  • Share the story you are making up
  • Say it w Responsibility, Empathy & Love

      Everything with Love

      • Love yourself first
      • Be Compassionate
      • Approach relationships w Unconditional Love

          I am the problem and the solution

          • Ask what I could have done differently
          • Take full responsibility
          • Look for the learning