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"In the next 10 to 15 years businesses will not have a choice but to do good and be good. Millennials and Gen Z will lead more inclusively and based on making an impact.  Shouldn’t you start now?"

From R+ to Intrepic Journey 

As my worldview expands, I feel confident that things happen for us and not to us!  This has been a major shift for me through years of practicing gratitude and meditation.  It could be that my attitude has just shifted so maybe I just have a new perspective but I believe if we awaken to who we are supposed to become then it just takes a pause or the creation of some space to become aware of what is next in our path. If you cannot show up for yourself then how can you show up for others in your life?

An intrepic journey is courageous + heroic in a way that may not be seen by others.  It's an internal desire or decision to be better tomorrow than you are today.  It's leaning into being uncomfortable on a journey of transformation.  Your journey of transformation may be slight or it may be dramatic but it takes courage to overwrite the old patterns, turn-on-end the way we have been brought up to see that life is about what we get instead of what we give, and it's heroic when we decide that we are the problem and the solution then set out on a journey to learn, grow and thrive individually and collectively.


The Story Behind The Name

Intrepic is a mash-up of Intrepid and Epic.  The DNA is in my story of building and leading Redemption Plus for 24+ years and always searching for what was next as we evolved into a purpose-driven company.  During a process that took over 6 months, we led storytelling sessions where our stakeholders told stories of meaning that happened while working for R+.  In the end, the word Intrepic emerged, and eventually it was clear that Intrepic was my calling and the next iteration of my purpose.

On March 12th of 2020, I had the opportunity to sit at a beautiful and purposeful dinner with Author, Speaker, Facilitator & Coach, Nilima Bhat, hosted by Staci Cross of Enjoy Pure Food + Drink.  This dinner was held during Nilima’s visit to Kansas City as part of a world tour from her home in Mumbai, India. She had spoken the night before at a Conscious Capitalism Kansas City event on Leadership in a VUCA* world.  When the event was scheduled we had no idea how important this topic would be as our world was closing by the minute due to the pandemic created by COVID 19.  During this dinner, Nilima told us that she believed that the pandemic was the kindest and most gentle way mother nature could get our attention and allow us to change in a way that would allow the earth and us to thrive.  That statement alone had me on edge and my skin tingling as I could not help but have concern for what this meant for the company I was leading, Redemption Plus.  Then Nilima said to me, “you are aware that you have outgrown your business”?  

* Volatile - Uncertain - Complex - Ambiguous

Many things went through my mind at that moment.  The first being, no I was not aware of that I had outgrown my business (or was I deep down).  The second being, even if that was true, how would I ever unencumber myself from this business that I has started almost 24 years ago and built into an industry leader with a team of people that I loved and adored?  I felt fear, anxiety, and unshakable discomfort that Nilima was right.

To understand what happened next, we must go back to September of 2019.  R+ was preparing for our annual Purpose Pow Wow.  This was a full day, all-hands company experience where we dialed into how we were fulling our purpose and looking at the best of what had been, what was, and what could be.  For this year's event, I had asked my coach and friend, Steve Havill of Conscia Ventures to facilitate and be our keynote speaker.  He said yes but challenged our thinking as he shared this new framework he was learning.  I trusted Steve and was headed on vacation so I connected Steve and our Pow Wow team then got out of the way.  They had spent hours & hours planning or what I would now call designing with Jon Berghoff founder of Xchange Approach and Jeff Bouwman of Adaptive Growth Systems.  I mentioned all these names because they are rock stars in my mind but at that time, all I knew was that I trusted Steve Havill and my team.  When September rolled around, I learned that Jeff was coming to KC with Steve to lead our event.  The night before Steve and Jeff arrived at my house for a communal dinner and connection.  

After dinner, they briefed me by sharing a loose agenda and that I was going to open the day, then take a seat and participate with my team.  Then I would close at the end of the day.  That’s all they needed from me.

What happened that day made my head spin, my heart full, and gave me hope and fuel for our future.  All the things that I, as the visionary had in mind for the future of R+ had seemed like noise to everyone who felt they had their plates more than full keeping business as usual flowing much less making major shifts to be more aligned with our stakeholders.  As the day ended, the entire company turned to me and said let's go.  My wish list was now their wish list and the energy shifted from me pulling them to them pulling me.  In addition, there were tears of joy and stories of how much impact our company was making on those stakeholders.  I was told by three women who were speaking English as their second language that they had never felt so seen & heard before.  It felt transformational!

It decided almost immediately that we (my then Co-COO’s and me) would join the next Xchange Approach session that lined up with us was April of 2020!

You can probably imagine how much the world shifted between September 2019 and April 2020.  By the time that event was ready to kick-off, the family entertainment industry had completely shut down; we went from sales in the millions each month to a few thousand dollars.


The Pivot

Weeks before the Xchange Experience was set to kick off in Cleveland, OH they pivoted to hosting the inaugural Online Xchange Experience now known as OXE.  My head said that I should not be attending as I had real things to worry about, but my gut said to attend.  Plus, they were so generous that they allowed us to attend for very little investment.  What happened in those three days, changed my world just like things had changed after our fall 2019 Purpose Pow Wow.  I showed up to learn to be a more generative leader.  I left deeply connected to other beautiful humans and change-makers.  It helped me be still and present while being immersed in a framework based on Appreciative Inquiry which is the best of what was, what is and what can be.  It is uplifting, generative, and allows individuals and companies to spiral up into creativity - to move beyond what they think is possible by unlocking the collective wisdom.  No more, was I thinking that I had to have all the answers or a leadership team might know more than we are capable of together.  It was a shift from a few having all the answers to the many asking & contemplating questions that give lift to an organization.

Keep in mind that my original goal was to learn about Appreciative Inquiry, and go deeper into knowledge about organizational development and change.  But the gift was that I learned how to deeply connect our team right after we were ripped away from our offices and trying to figure out how to work collaboratively and effectively remote. The Xchange Approach framework lended itself to improve how we worked and how it felt to be so disconnected from the world during that time.  It helped us drive deep connections and solutions to so much that was unknown as we made our way in a new and scary COVID world.

What happened next as I was using my new Xchange skills to keep our team connected, pivot to team learning, and create space was an opportunity to sell Redemption Plus.  This was one of the hardest decisions in my career because of the love and care for our entire team.  Our purpose was to enrich lives through insights that empower but it felt selfish because of how much every individual that I worked with enriched my life.

During the 3 months of working through the details of the sale, the Xchange Community was my nourishment.  It was a safe place for me to learn, connect and grow in the direction that was meant for me.  After the sale, I decided to just create space and try to just be, tune in and figure out what was next for me.  Well, it wasn't long before I was called back to Xchange as an official, paying Unlimited Member of the community where I would jump in with both feet.  Continuing to learn amazing knowledge about what drives organizational behavior, how to unlock collective wisdom, and how to grow in my own conscious leadership journey.  Before I know it, I was a Certified Xchange Guide lining up what was to come next.  

Even before I was a certified Xchange Guide, I had been requested to help uncover and define purpose, mission, vision & values for a friend's company.  Then I found myself moving from one engagement to another where I was doing what has emerged into my three areas of expertise.

  1. Organizational Clarity Framework Co-Creation
  2. Awakening Conscious Leadership
  3. Conversation & Event Design and Facilitation

In December of 2021, it became clear to me that the next iteration of my purpose in the world is to bring to life my Intrepic Journey brand as a Benefit LLC.  Intrepic Journey focuses on lifting all stakeholders and embracing the Intrepic Journey within me and attracting those heart-based leaders that are ready to lean in and change the world by how they lead themselves and rethinking capitalism to be about the abundance of how we create organizations that do good at their core and be profitable.  In fact, in Raj Sisodias’ book, Firms of Endearment we learn that purpose-driven companies actually outperform their profit and shareholder focused counterparts.



As a Purpose Sherpa, Ron will help guide you or you and your organization through transformation on purpose.  When asked, “aren’t you a consultant”? The answer is clear through Ron’s experience over 25 years of growing a purpose-driven organization.  A consultant has all the answers (or thinks they do anyway).  A sherpa or guide helps you to uncover what is already in the fabric of your DNA or the DNA of your company. 

Through his own experience, Ron understands the challenge of how you create psychological safety and create an organization where all voices get to be heard.  There is a process that unlocks collective wisdom.  The collective wisdom will always be greater than our individual wisdom.  It's the organizational friction and lack of safety that make us think we have the best answers and keeps us from taking risk. 

The right sherpa for your journey is all you need to be better tomorrow than you are today.  A sherpa helps you to see that it's the micro (inner work) leadership work that catalyzes the macro (outer or organizational) leadership work.   

Rons has tempered his skills as a sherpa from the journey and continues on his own journey to show up for himself so he can show up for you.  The right sherpa will be ahead of you on the journey but not too far.

Husband & father

Graduate of Save A Warrior Cohort 046

Founder and CEO of Redemption Plus (24+ years)

Xchange Inner Circle Member

Purpose-driven as a student of life and leader

Arc Integrated Facility Member

Conscious Capitalism Kansas City Chapter co-founder

HeartMath Student

Certified Xchange Guide

Board Member for Be Free KC

Member or Conscious Capitalism Senior Leader Network

Intrepic Journey was founded as a Benefit LLC so we living our belief that business should do good at its core which also always them to thrive.  Currently, a percentage of all revenue helps to fund 1% for the Planet.


Ron L. Hill

Heart-Based conscious leader. Open, kind & curious. Visionary connector & guide. 

Founder and Purpose Sherpa of Intrepic Journe

The power of people, purpose, planet & profit thriving together drives my journey. It is a core belief of mine that we are all both the problem and the solution - as we can only control ourselves.  If we each focus on awakening our own conscious leadership journey then collectively we can thrive.

As a certified Xchange Approach Guide, it is my experience that the world is changing faster than any one individiual can keep up and adapt.  This causes stress and anxiety which begs for a new way to lead ourselves and our organizations.  I help organizations unlock collective wisdom in a way that empowers all stakeholders.

Intrepic Journey focuses on three areas of impact:  1) Guiding heart-based leaders and their companies to organizational clarity; 2) Developing the next generation of heart-based leaders; 3) Designing and facilitating organizational conversations and events to unlock collective wisdom.

The Purpose Journey

For 24+ years, I was fortunate enough to be a founder, entrepreneur, and student of life - working with the finest group of human beings I could ever imagine. Together we got messy, had fun, made mistakes, & disrupted an industry through innovation, teamwork, caring & helping our stakeholders thrive. We grew as leaders and human beings.

Reflecting on my experience as the founder and Chief Enrichment Officer of Redemption Plus, I discovered my purpose and inspired others to find theirs. The bottom line is helping others lead enriched lives of meaning & purpose was baked into the DNA from the start. It also became crystal clear that business can elevate humanity while being profitable. You can do both, you must do both, and you should never compromise on navigating the polarity of each. This is the future of business.

The Conscious Leadership Journey

My true Redemption Story began as I learned to heal myself through my oldest son’s journey of addiction & recovery. When you heal yourself, you also heal your family and your company - it is all entwined.

We each have the power to heal, create, and thrive in a way that allows space for our world to be more just, fair, and inclusive.

Being of Service

Conscious Capitalism Kansas City - elevating humanity through business

Founding Board Member - 2017 to present

Be Free - sustaining recovery journeys

Board Member - January, 2022 to present

“When we love, we always strive to become better than we are.  When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too”       - Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist